• Exhibition 'The Other Violence'

Exhibition 'The Other Violence'

“The bus had left only at dawn from the end of the rail line and for two hours in the cold morning it had been advancing on a stony, desolate, plateau which, in the beginning at least, extended its straight lines all the way to reddish horizons. But the wind had risen and gradually swallowed up the vast expanse. From that moment on, the passengers had seen nothing more; one after an-other, they had ceased talking and were silently progressing in a sort of sleepless night, occasionally wiping their lips and eyes irritated by the sand that filtered into the bus.”
- Albert Camus, ’The Adulterous Woman’.

Exhibition Baerum Kunsthall Oslo
06.06.19 - 30.06.19

‘The Other Violence - Silence’
1 channel video, 2019, HD, Colour, 18min.

Jonathan Zondani
Dylan Feltcher
Nicholas Salonan
Leanne Muganiwa
Leroy Petzer
Jessica-Joy Chapstick-Dale
Jethro Jaftha

Producer Marius van de Weerd @ CZAR, 
David Leite and Helen Atty @ With Milk
Director Michaël I. Sewandono 
Camera and Edit 
Michaël I. Sewandono
Music Ruben Samama
Sound Design Ruben Samama
Colour by Cem Ozkilicci
Line Producer Jerome Williams
Production Coordinator Simone Sutton
Assistant Director Andre Eksteen
1st Camera Assistant Ken Belter
2nd Camera Assistant Buti Bakoena
Gaffer Quinton Pretorious
MUH & Wardrobe Denita Goosen
Medic / Unit Manager Gerald Delport
Chaperone Yusree van der Schyff
Camera/Grips/Lighting Gear Panavision and Panalux Cape Town
Unit Gear Karlage Unit & Film Location Management

Thanks to Floris Schönfeld, Paal Rui and Jakob Paulik @ Imposter,
William Schaad and Robert Jota @Uhoert